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Hairy Coo

It was my flatmate+friend C’s birthday two days back and it was her first birthday away from family. So I wanted her to have a special one. But I didn’t know what would be special enough. And then…I looked up the internet to find some fun things to do around Edinburgh. And I bumped into the website of a company called The Hairy Coo.

Right, if you are not from Scotland, this might never ring a bell. The Hairy Coo is the name for Highland Cattle. Coo in Scottish-Gaelic means a cow!

And this  website offered a free tour to the Scottish Highlands. I looked hard to see if there was a catch and I couldn’t find any obvious red flags. I walked into C’s room and asked, “If someone offered you a free tour to the Highlands, would you go?” And C looked at me as if to say, “Are you mad? Of course I would go!”

That’s how easy the plan was. We were going to bring in her birthday with a tour to the Highlands 🙂 Continue reading “Hairy Coo”