TamBrahm vs Not-so-TamBrahm

The TamBrahm Spunk (4)

One of my friends from university recently texted me. She’s TamBrahm too – a proper thayir chadam (curd rice) eating one at that! An Iyengar chamathu kondai who behaved nothing like it in much else but when it came to food, she did indeed behave like one.

If you barely understood anything so far, you need to do some homework on TamBrahms. A good way to know about TamBrahms and their world would be to visit WeAreTamBrahm, who are an exclusive blog on the life and style of this class of people. Alternatively, you could also go to my first post in this category by clicking here and you will be enlightened about this amazing Indian community.

Fair warning: this post will have quite some words in Tamil because come on, that’s what makes these posts funny! So you might have to bear with me…as for my TamBrahm followers, if any, I hope you enjoy the post. Continue reading “The TamBrahm Spunk (4)”