Somewhere Between

“Somewhere between crying loudly to seek attention and crying silently to avoid attention, we grew up…”

A cousin of mine forwarded a message to me that began with this line. I caught  line that says “Growing old and growing up are two different things. Even furniture grows old but we are meant to grow up!” And this stuck with me. It’s a line I often repeat to myself…What is growing up all about? And the following is my continuation of Somewhere Between…

somewhere between laughing out hard to smiling softly, we grew up

somewhere between making a fuss and dealing with a situation, we grew up

somewhere between enjoying life and struggling through it, we grew up

somewhere between coming back home from school and moving out of home, we grew up

somewhere between getting excited about chocolate and getting excited about the first salary, we grew up

somewhere between buying things we like and buying things we need, we grew up

somewhere between crying for a broken toy and crying over a broken heart, we grew up

somewhere between owning a smile and owning an apartment, we grew up

somewhere between reading bedtime stories and reading the newspaper, we grew up

somewhere between asking parents for the smallest things and doing things for them, we grew up

somewhere between “Mum?” and “Mum!”, we grew up

somewhere between uninhibited dreams and limited budgets, we grew up

somewhere between being coy about love and being cynical about it, we grew up

somewhere between knowing these things and realizing them, we all grew up!


Here are some more lines from the forward that I enjoyed reading.

Somewhere between “Let’s meet and plan” and “let’s plan and meet”, we grew up

Somewhere between “Craving for pizza”and “craving for a home cooked meal”, we grew up

Somewhere between “I want to grow up”and “I want to be a child again”, we grew up.


Use the comments thread to add your own lines of Somewhere Between…

Have a wonderful day ahead, and remember to treat yourself to something special every now and then because you deserve it!



26 thoughts on “Somewhere Between”

  1. Did you write this all yourself? It is so meaningful 🙂 I smiled at the bit between chocolate and your salary. Both give you an equally sweet feeling. With a salary, I think it is sweeter in that you have to earn it – you have to actually work for it and be productive at work to get it. With chocolate, just walk to your nearest shop and get it, or you may have some stashed away at home 😀

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    1. Hi Mabel, lovely to hear from you as always. Yes, I wrote it myself. The first line was from a forward message that was sent to me like I said, but it acted as a great prompt for me and the rest just happened 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the read and about chocolates – I always have some stashed away at home 😉
      What would you add to this string of thought if you could?? What is your somewhere between experience?


      1. I always have more chocolate than I need at home 😀 Not sure if I could add anything as meaningful as you…somewhere in between that hello and the next time we meet, we’ll find each other…. 😀

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      2. That’s a lovely line to add Mabel 🙂 and your posts have always carried so much meaning and in the long term be a wonderful account of the cultural differences you have experienced. I feel it’s a very important documentation for he future generations to see. It’s always been a pleasure to read your posts 🙂

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  2. somewhere between…. well that’s true… loved your lines…for even in here we grow somewhere between reality and virtuality…..between man and machinery…..between space and time.. 🙂


  3. Somewhere in between…. well that’s true… I loved the lines by the way…. Even in here I feel the we grow somewhere in between living a reality and a virtuality…


    1. Hello and welcome to this space. Thank you for stopping by. And I’m glad you found this post worthy of your time. It was developed out of a forwarded message that really resonated with me and so I must give credit to whoever thought of the idea of somewhere between… 🙂


  4. It was a really nice collection, Aishwarya! 🙂
    This may be a little too long. . .
    Somewhere between playing with dolls or trucks, buying toys for our children and their moving out, we grew to be “old.”

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