Interlingual Renditions


Uns (Urdu):  Love or Attachment

Is duniya ke liye aaftaab ke uns ki qeemat laga sakte ho?

Jo is qadar chaahne ke baavajood chhoone se qatrata hai.

Magar uns dekho uska itna qaabil hai

Ki sirf apni maujoodgi se garmi jaga jata hai!

How could one cognize the passion with which,

The sun adores our land?

For it showers the world with colours of vim,

But it dithers to lay a hand


Yet behold our sun abound with its love,

It smiles upon this hearth,

Through trembling waves and gleeful glow,

It swathes us in its warmth.


Thank you Archit for the beautiful translation.


17 thoughts on “Uns”

  1. kisi ka uns apni maujoodgi se garmi jaga jata hai,
    kisi ka sanjdil sanam bhari garmi mai use thand se maar jata hai,
    hamare liye to aaj bhi apni mashuka ki ek hi muskurahat kafi hai,
    is game zindigi aur mausam ki badhaliat bhulane kay liye.

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      1. Ah I see. I grew up in West India, in Gujarat and only heard Urdu being spoken by a few of my friends and took a liking to it. And then I started listening more to Urdu poetry and then taught myself a bit. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello and thank you so much for your nomination. I have won this award before and it would be unfair for me to keep accepting it as other new bloggers should get a chance to win it now. But I will participate and share some facts about myself and maybe nominate some new bloggers I’ve started following recently 🙂
      Thank you again!

      Liked by 1 person

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