What does it mean to be a Woman in today’s world? On International Women’s Day I wonder about it and wish all the women in the world a good day at work, gym, home, supermarket, kitchens and war fields!

To the woman who cuddles her baby,

To the woman who wakes up to check emails from work,

To the woman who drives city buses,

To the woman who serves at the Starbucks counters,

To the woman who nurses the ill,

To the woman who fires her employee,

To the woman who reads bedtime stories to her children,

To the woman who works late night preparing for a meeting,

To the woman who is an artist,

And to the one who is a soldier, teacher, engineer, scientist, doctor and architect.

To the woman who watches sports,

To the woman who criticizes politics,

To the woman who teaches her daughter to be independent and strong,

And to the woman who teaches her son to respect the girls in his life.

To the woman that chooses NOT to leave her life behind

Just for the sake of getting married to the love of her life.

To the woman who nourishes new life in her fertile womb.

To the woman who is selfish enough to go on breaks alone,

To the woman who is independent enough to pay the bills,

To the woman who stays at home,

Cooking meals and taking care of pets and gardens.

To the woman whose joy is in the joy of her family,

To the woman who is strong at work

And weak in her partner’s arms.

To the imperfect woman who is not all of the above but only some,

To the beautiful woman who has scars to love,

And to the cheerful woman who hides her sorrow.

This Day is to celebrate all her flaws and faults,

And all her achievements and all that went amiss.


This post is not polished as I never hit the backspace on this one…it is all I felt in the moment and all I cherish in her. We don’t need a day to celebrate womanhood, but we do need a day to remind ourselves of its beauty!




25 thoughts on “SHE”

  1. Well said πŸ™‚ And I believe that to revere womanhood is a man’s responsibility. It’s so hurtful to watch the atrocities that scar the face of womanhood today. I feel ashamed to say that man himself has devalued manhood. So today I believe is the day that each man should pledge to himself that to honour woman is a great service that he is doing for the society now and for the generations to come.

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  2. Women have tremendous power in every single way over men . Their beauty and qualities exceeds our expectations . God indeed made them perfectly ; nevertheless , it pissed me off to know that some men take them for granted . Being alone is a pain in the fucking ass, but those who has them do not give a shit sometimes .


  3. Thank you for such a wonderful blog on women’s day. It’s ok if I post my comment a day later. Keep writing. My hugs to you my dear daughter. I’m so proud of you.

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      1. Quoting the lines of a famous poet..
        “Penn illadha oorile aann poo ketpadilai….
        Penn illadha oorile kodi daan poo poopadilai….
        Undan pudavai mundhaanai saayandil indha bhoomi poo poothadhu…
        Idhu kamban paadadha sinthanai undan kaadhodu yaar sonnadhu”

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      2. It is by Vairamuthu… Lines from the song “Pudhu vellai mazhai” from Roja…..I think “lyricist” is more appropriate word…my bad…


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