Interlingual Renditions


Harf (Urdu): Alphabet

Gar main tanha hota toh apni zindagi ke fasaane likh sakta,

Magar tumhari yaadon me main yun behek gaya ki ek harf na likh paya.


 I asked Archit to translate this for me so I could put the translation up for you guys…and he did two beautiful versions of this and said I could use either…But both of them are such amazing pieces I wish to share them both… The translations both have different metrics but that’s a poetic license I allow and appreciate very much! Also, if you can read and understand Hindi/Urdu, then you will immediately realize that the translations are not entirely true to the couplet I have written but the beauty and honestly with which this moment has been captured in in the translations is more valuable to me than the words themselves 🙂


In my solace, I may find the words,
to scribble the tale of my years,
But the thought of you, your memories,
replace each letter with tears.


Words, like the tears,

unseen, unheard,

roll down to

the paper.

I figure,

in my cruel

solace, I’d word,

the story of my years.

Yet alone, my love, I am not,

for not a letter,

nor a word,

I write.


this world,

I still surrender,

to the relish of your thought.

This particular translation is Archit’s attempt at the Hourglass (a metric Bushka came up with) but minus the strict rules of syllables that Bushka likes to follow 🙂


If you are a fan of shayeri, feel free to drop your favourite ones in the comments along with how you liked mine.


19 thoughts on “Harf”

  1. Thanks for the mention Aishwarya. I thought I’d take some liberties with the translation because I honestly couldn’t reproduce the beauty of the Urdu version you wrote. So I decided to create my own version, which hopefully turned out half as good. Love doing these for you.

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    1. The translations are certainly more beautiful than what I initially wrote 🙂
      Thank you for always pitching in and I am sure this association will last a long long time! Have a wonderful day.

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  2. Very beautiful. Urdu is such a poetic language and boasts of some of the most soulful words that we will ever hear. And I can’t help but be dazzled by the language. Thank you for igniting the spirit of the fascinating language

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    1. Thank you J for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on this beautiful language. I admit that I am smitten by it’s beauty as well and am forever in awe of it’s depth! I am glad you enjoy these couplets.


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