Tiny Tales

Tiny Tale (7)

Welcome again! Today I bring to you another tiny tale – an entire story in but a few words. So put your feet up on the couch and get yourself a coffee and read on!

Today’s tale is called…


Through the veiled cabinet he listened to her woes, wept with her, regretted things as much as she did.

Through his tears his black robe glistened. He was here to pardon her sins….


Do you think these feelings are natural? The feeling of empathy, of wanting to reach out and hold a person’s hand, of wanting to hug someone tight and rid the person of his/her misery? That’s some food for thought. Have a lovely day.


28 thoughts on “Tiny Tale (7)”

    1. I often wonder why the society evolved over the years to curb natural emotions and in many situations we want to do something but are bound by the rules of the world and avoid it. I wonder if owning up to one’s emotions is a bad thing…I wonder if there was a way to change this. I wonder if it is important to change this.


      1. I suppose one must find answers that suit oneself and there’s equal number of arguments for right and wrong for any and all of these answers.


      2. Oh yes, opinions are bound to change over time and sometimes it’s fun to think back to the times when an opinion on something used to be the polar opposite of what it is today 🙂


      3. I dont need to tell you, Aishwarya, that customs, traditions, societal expectations, professional rules– they all developed for a reason: to guard against the excesses that might result from natural urges, and sometimes to protect innocent persons from predatory behaviors. The problem is, often those very urges result in powerful, positive, and lasting emotional connections. I think a lot of great art (particularly poems, novels, operas) is grounded in that conflict between desire, or as in this case, empathy, and beneficial fulfillment. I have experienced situations that are similar, though not as sacred, and I can tell you that they are unforgettable. They enrich your life if managed with prudence. But they can be destructive too. (Probably I’m taking your story too seriously. The main point is clear– we ought to be able to express natural emotions without being misunderstood or misused.)

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      4. Hello Albert! Thank you for pausing and sharing these thoughts with me.
        I think you have beautifully put what societal norms are for but also that emotions are only natural and one must own up to them and not feel any guilt in it.


  1. It’s natural but tricky. Hard I think to ever know what someone else feels, thinks, wants particularly as they are not always straight forward.

    Good to see you are in Scotland. Here in Cornwall the weather is bright and sunny!

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    1. Oh hello! Edinburgh has been treating us to some absolutely stunning weather as well the past few days! 🙂 Good to know it is as amazing in the south.
      And yes, it is hard to discern what a person is thinking or really feeling about something. but I suppose it is only human to have emotions that might not conform to particular norms.

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    1. Thank you so much Jackie! So nice to have you visit again and I’m very glad you think such beautiful things about my story 🙂
      Have a wonderful day!


  2. I do think the feeling is natural, however no one can rid another of their misery. We can only rid ourselves of it and we should. There are too many wondrous, positive things in this world to get bogged down in negative misery. It sounds like she’s in confession at church. Great questions Aishwarya.

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    1. Yes that was the idea – she’s in confession at church and the priest listens to her, is moved by her story and feels empathy and probably affection for her but realized he can’t and shouldn’t have those feelings, that it’s forbidden! And what does one do in that situation? It’s forbidden by the society but affection and empathy are human instincts, aren’t they?

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      1. Ahhh very interesting, this could turn into more posts, perhaps a serial or even a book! Yes affection and empathy are human instincts… I like where you’re going with this.

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      2. Thanks Deb for thinking this could turn into a journey of its own. But tiny tales are attempts at writing stories in as few words as possible so I might not elaborate on this or turn it into anything bigger. I think there’s a beauty in these few words that many large texts may fail to express 🙂

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      3. Yeah I guess it does defeat the purpose of tiny tales! Well you did such an excellent job, I wanted more than a tiny tale!! I think you are right about the beauty in those few words. Sometimes less is more. 🙂

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      4. Oh thank you Aish, you’re pretty wonderful yourself. So is your work…I’ll be back for more. Wishing you a lovely evening too. 🙂

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