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Lost in Translation

D dragged me to a play one of these Friday evenings. It wasn’t a famous title or a big production. It said it was a work in progress. As we walked into the theatre to get seats, D said “I hope this one is good. Sometimes you bump into good things…” And I thought to myself… “this better be good!” Continue reading “Lost in Translation”

Just a minute to squeeze this in...

The Man with a Familiar Face

This other day I got on the bus back home. I was quite late that day and so the crowd in this bus wasn’t the usual crowd I met. The faces were all new to me. I flashed my pass in that machine that beeped, allowing me to enter the bus. I walked past unfamiliar faces…wait! This man….he was talking intently to this Asian girl who sat behind him. He looked familiar. Extremely familiar. I wondered who he was and why he looked so familiar to me. It bothered me that I couldn’t exactly remember who he was…I walked past him and found a seat. But I didn’t stop trying to remember who he was. Continue reading “The Man with a Familiar Face”

Just a minute to squeeze this in...

All about the Attitude

If any of you has kept up with tennis, you probably know that Roger Federer is playing like there’s no stopping him! And to those who don’t follow tennis, well he just won the Miami Open last weekend and he’s in the best of his forms. At 35 years of age, he’s playing and defeating 20 somethings. He’s working hard on his game, he’s changing strategies, he’s playing his beautiful shots and he’s having fun on court. I am a huge fan of this person, not just for how beautiful his game is and how much of a treat he is to watch but also for his grace, strength and strong will. But this post is not about Federer, as much as I would like to write about him. This post is about sport as a whole. Continue reading “All about the Attitude”