If We Were Strolling Together

If We were Strolling Together (10)

Hello everyone. Edinburgh has been treating us to some stunning weather lately and so the spirits are high and there’s more reason to go out for a Stroll! For all the new friends of mine, a warm welcome here and this is where I tell you all about my life, how things are going and what I have been upto lately. I hope you enjoy this little walk…

Since it is sunny and bright and so wonderful out there, we should probably get some coffee or tea and head to the meadows maybe? Or how about some ice cream. There are many wonderful cafes around here so feel free to walk into any of those and grab anything you’d like. It’s all on me today 🙂

Ah the meadows! The grass is green and lovely. I am going to take off my shoes…would you like to do the same? Also, don’t get caught up in my rants…feel free to pause and look at the flowers and the squirrels running about…and the children playing and the dogs running freely…and those frisby games and the sun bathers…And if I suddenly stop talking, I am probably taking a moment to enjoy this as well 🙂


The past few weeks have been good for me. Yes, work is still hard and the learning curve is steep but engaging myself in different things that interest me has worked well. I am feeling better and the energy is a lot more positive. So that’s great!

I still haven’t finished knitting the scarf I was working on so that’s an ongoing project. I am currently reading a book of Japanese short stories by Theodore Goossen and I am enjoying the sense of humor in it. Also as it is with short stories, it is easy to speed up the read and enjoy many many stories in one go. It is also nice to live in different worlds and switch quickly.

I am also watching a lot of documentaries about Vermeer on YouTube these days! I am not too great at understanding art. Yes, I appreciate it but I haven’t grown up learning the stories that might have given rise to these famous works or discerning the socio-political situations of a time from a piece of art…essentially – reading into it is not something I know. Art in the Indian subcontinent has been more about sculptures and architecture rather than paintings. Yes, paintings to decorate interiors have been common over the many centuries but I wonder why never much on canvas. So I am still learning about art and learning to appreciate not just what I see on canvas but also what that might mean and what it can tell us about the artist, his life and the techniques he/she used etc. I have been obsessed about Vermeer’s works for some time now. I don’t need to explain why! He was phenomenal! Ever since I read Girl with a Pearl Earring (it’s one of my most favourite books) I have been obsessed about his world. So now I am learning what I can about him and his world and his works from YouTube! And I was thrilled to find a surprising Vermeer at the National Gallery of Scotland!

Speaking of art…I have to tell you that I spent one of the weekends in Belfast very recently. And what a wonderful city that is!!! I was surprised to find Street Art literally everywhere. The city has a beautiful character in that you are surrounded by warm people who are merry and friendly all the time and there’s so much art and beer everywhere that you could literally spend all your time just roaming around the city center and not be bored. And of course if you are a Game of Thrones fan, you might bump into some people from the cast at some pub, so that’s always a plus 😉 The St. George’s Market is a delight to be in over weekends as well. From photographers to artists to chefs and bakers…everyone is around and you get to sample food and fudges and chocolates and tarts and walk around with coffee checking out works by local artists and buy clothes and jewellery and whatever you please! Irish music can make you feel good in an instant and people are not shy of breaking into an impromptu gig here and there! If you haven’t been to Belfast but can, book your tickets now! And if you can’t make it to Belfast anytime in the near future, I have brought along with me today a few photographs I clicked…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I hope you enjoyed a bit of Belfast through my eyes…well lens! I also have to tell you about the new look for the blog. I feel strangely compelled at times to give this blog a new fresh look…change things around a bit to make it look…newer. So last week I spent an hour deciding on a  good theme that I could adopt for this blog and I didn’t find anything great but I managed to find something that looks nice-ish! I also added a calendar widget which records the dates on which I post..I think that’s a pretty cool feature to have and it helps be more regular I suppose. It will also help you fish for posts if you might want to do that on this site. I am quite happy now with how the blog looks…well for a while…until I am compelled again to change things around a bit 😉


As usual I have been ranting around about so much…why don’t you tell me how you are enjoying life and what you have been upto? How is the weather where you are and which is the most recent travel break you took and where did you go?

I am still enjoying this weather so I will stick around in the meadows for a bit. You are welcome to join of course… 🙂


8 thoughts on “If We were Strolling Together (10)”

    1. The people in Belfast were absolutely lovely! And I was lucky to have great weather too.
      Living by the meadows is great fun and definitely more so in the summer!
      Thank you for stopping by today and gave a lovely day ahead 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Akshay, thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you liked the stroll and I hope you will enjoy reading other posts as well.
      Edinburgh is a beautiful city and it took me a while to start liking this place but I suppose now I’m getting there 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I liked how you are growing in your knowledge of many facets of life, your career, education, art and books, too. I think your Belfast photos show a great photographic “eye” or camera talent! Aishwarya, I like Vermeer’s art in the beauty in the light and shadows. The book and movie, “The Girl with the Pearl Earring,” are very fascinating. Take care, Aishwarya. Thanks for stopping by, since my busy life sometimes forgets who I need to take time and visit. 🙂 Hugs, Robin

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Robin! Thanks for joining me on the stroll.
      There’s so much to learn and do in life! I’m loving every moment 🙂
      Vermeer – I am amazed at his eye for optics. I’m falling in love with every little detail in his works with every passing day 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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