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All about the Attitude

If any of you has kept up with tennis, you probably know that Roger Federer is playing like there’s no stopping him! And to those who don’t follow tennis, well he just won the Miami Open last weekend and he’s in the best of his forms. At 35 years of age, he’s playing and defeating 20 somethings. He’s working hard on his game, he’s changing strategies, he’s playing his beautiful shots and he’s having fun on court. I am a huge fan of this person, not just for how beautiful his game is and how much of a treat he is to watch but also for his grace, strength and strong will. But this post is not about Federer, as much as I would like to write about him. This post is about sport as a whole.

My father always used to encourage me to play sports. I did some, others I didn’t. I grew up playing primarily badminton and volleyball. Our school did not promote a strong sporting culture so I picked up interest in books and science and sport diminished in its importance.

I quit playing volleyball – the one sport I am very good at and enjoy loads – when I developed a recurring ganglion cyst on my wrist. I miss the adrenaline rush that a good game can give you. I miss the sweat and cries and fist bumps. I miss the ‘well done’ and the ‘Nooo’. But why is it that one must play sport of some kind?

My father said the greatest thing to me about sport – that “it teaches you how to lose gracefully.” Playing is important. One must always play to win. And one must always enjoy the time spent on court. The techniques, the tricks, the genius of players is meant to be enjoyed and appreciated. But when one is faced with a better opponent, one must know how to give one’s best, admire the skills and talent of the opponent and if loss is the eventual verdict, then accept it with grace and admiration for the opponent. It’s all about the attitude.


What do you think?

Do you play any sport?

What has your experience been with sport?



14 thoughts on “All about the Attitude”

  1. Roger Federer is my favourite tennis player and it really is amazing to see what he is currently achieving. It’s history-in-the-making and nothing short of inspirational 🙂 Sorry to hear you had to stop playing volleyball our of injury. But it is very gracious of you to learn to lose and move on with defeat as you alluded to. I used to play badminton when I was a kid. Wasn’t very good at it and people did not want me on their badminton team in P.E. class 😀

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    1. Thanks for visiting Mabel! It’s lovely to meet you again. Roger is so so good these days! I’m thoroughly enjoying his game and all his matches 🙂
      Well you may not be great at badminton but you are great at writing…So well done on that! 🙂 I’ll stop by your page very soon.

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  2. Indeed, Roger federer is a gem in his field.❤
    Sorry to hear about your injury.
    And to answer your question, “I love football”.
    Sports- whatever it may be, kinda gives you an adrenaline rush. A pure “pumped up” feeling.✌😎

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  3. I played volleyball in high school, we were not that good though coz we lost many times. So I appreciate the “accept the loss with grace” It’s all about attitude. But we still played each season for the love of the game.

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  4. I agree with your dad. 🙂 Also, sports teach us discipline, focus, determination, persistence, etc. Hubby thinks that everyone should play sports, especially the young, because it keeps them busy and away from drugs.
    I’m a geek, an academic, so not big on sports. I played a bit of badminton and when I say a bit, I mean teeny, teeny, teeny… Ha-ha! Hubby loves sports and watches them all. He used to play rugby and cricket and a huge golfer. I play golf and although I suck at it, I love it. We should really get back to playing it now that winter is around the corner. The African sun can be too much in summer.

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    1. Your partner sounds extremely inclined towards sport and that’s great! I don’t play many sports anymore but I certainly agree with him in that sport is a great way to beat the sedentary lifestyle! I am a big tennis buff, I try and watch all matches (though only later on YouTube or something because I don’t have a television) and keep up with all tournaments! I wish Scotland was a bit warmer so we could head out and really play! But I am not complaining much, any chance I get, I go to the meadows for a game of volleyball 🙂

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      1. Oh yeah, it is much colder there. Maybe play golf. That’s where it all started. And you can cover up to start off warm and get warmer while you play. ☺


  5. Aishwarya, this is an amazing way to start a conversation about how we become better adults. Starting in sports, we learn to take turns, we may have to sit it out and what your Dad said was beautiful! How to lose gracefully is something to carry anyone through all of life. “You win some; you lose some. . .” Smiles, Robin

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