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FOMO apparently means Fear of Missing Out…Internet lingo it seems. I was told this recently by a teenager. She couldn’t believe that I didn’t know this…I just got thinking…Why the FOMO? Why should one have FOMO? What exactly is FOMO about? She said to me that when there’s so much going on and you can’t be everywhere but want to be, you’ve got FOMO. Hmm…

My thoughts – It’s not about wanting to be everywhere. It’s about wanting to be popular. It’s not about the experiences. It’s about the Instagram and Facebook ‘likes’ for those pictures. It’s not about living. It’s about approval from peers.

I am glad I have no FOMO nor the obligation to be everywhere. Yes, I like going out with people and doing interesting things but I am unapologetic in letting people know when I want to be by myself. I am unapologetic in wanting to do my own things from time to time. And do I feel like I would rather be somewhere else doing something else with someone else? Nah! Yes, at times I don’t get invited to be a part of certain things because people start feeling I may not join in for I want to do my own things. But that’s the price you pay for wanting ‘me-time’. And I am willing to pay that price.

If there is one thing I can say very confidently about myself at this point in time, it is the fact that I will never complain that I got so busy doing things that I didn’t notice life pass by me quietly. Yes I am busy…extremely busy. I have too much to do, lots to figure out, yet to settle down in this new life…But I am ‘living’ every moment…unapologetically, unabashedly and willingly. I am collecting memories every single day…the joys and sorrows are equally felt by my heart…my smiles are as honest as my tears. I am finally syncing with life and ‘living’ in the moment.

On that note…my most favourite quote from the book/movie – Peaceful warrior by Dan Millman –

“Where are you?” – Here.

“What time is it?” – Now.

“What are you?” – This Moment.

If I ever developed FOMO, I will be convinced that I picked wrongly of my choices. And it will be time to reassess myself, my life and my choices….for now, life without FOMO is GREAT!!!


9 thoughts on “FOMO”

  1. Tell me about it.If life appears so complex this is because people have developed the concept of FOMO.I am pretty contended with what I havve.Evn if I don’t..I am happy.

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    1. I suppose that’s a great place to be in, to be content with what you have and okay with what you don’t! Thanks for reading and it’s lovely to know that someone is happy and content out there 🙂


    1. Thanks for stopping by and I’m happy you agree. This phase of my life is much different from what I thought it would be. Somehow after an initial struggle I’m in sync with the rhythm of life and things feel great! And FOMO neither exists nor perturbs this balance 🙂

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  2. I know I’ve seen that abbreviation and I’m sure my son had told me what the letters stand for but I forgot. Maybe I didn’t care. It’s just like “YOLO”. I’m happy to know that you are enjoying your life with FOMO absent. I just believe in “No Regrets”. 🙂

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    1. Hello Anne! YOLO…Hmm, I had to Google that one and apparently it stands for you only live once! This internet lingo seems endless 😀
      But well, I’m happy with no FOMO for sure but I suppose YOLO applies to all of us anyway 😉

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      1. And the young ones must live it and not only talk. 🙂 Endless, for sure. It’s like the world is just for twitting. I sometimes miss the old times when we all used full words and sentences. Haha!

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  3. That really is such a great attitude — I do suffer from FOMO sometimes (and know what it means, too).It can be hard when you see friends having such a great time at something you are unable to attend — but it’s not something I suffer from all the time, by any means, and I’ve been rather scarce on social media lately (other than my blog).
    It’s a great reminder that we are all on our own journeys!

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    1. I think that’s the best way to put it, that we are all on our own journeys! And I was just thinking about the two choices I have in this moment and wondering which is the better one… Your comment has inspired me towards the answer! I am going to do what my heart says 🙂

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