Interlingual Renditions


Lams (Urdu): Touch

Jaante ho ki vo be-adab lehren uske kaanon me kya keh gai?

Keh gai saahil se ki, “Tum chahe jitni baar mujhe thukra lo

magar tumhare lams-e-badan ko pane se

mujhe kabhi rok na paoge.”


Every crash of a wave, every gentle retreat,

She tries to hold onto his kibbled skin.

Under the sun he pulls back his feet,

She gathers herself and pushes again.

Under the moonlight she speaks through the wind,

“You may tire of pushing me away, my dear!

But the touch of your cheek lives down my chagrin.

So shameless I run to you, every night every day.”


Archit, your translation is much better than my original sher! Thank you as always, for taking the time out for this.




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