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Lost in Translation

D dragged me to a play one of these Friday evenings. It wasn’t a famous title or a big production. It said it was a work in progress. As we walked into the theatre to get seats, D said “I hope this one is good. Sometimes you bump into good things…” And I thought to myself… “this better be good!”

Lost in Translation was a mono act. It said on the pamphlet that it was a bilingual journey. The lights dimmed. The play was divided into 4 parts – the kid, the teenager, the actor and the hybrid – all parts of this character’s journey.

The play is about the life of a French girl. Her choices and chances take her to London where she first tries to make a home and ends up with a greater feeling of belonging. Her first few days in England are all about understanding the curious rains, her inability at understanding English and her surprise at how many conversations revolved around the weather. I suppose all immigrants would relate to that!

One beautiful moment in the play was when she finally moves to London after a long journey and settles down on her bed. That moment when the adrenaline wears off and she feels the loneliness. She calls her mother and speaks to her saying she’s reached safely and things are okay. And before she puts the phone down, she says with a quivering voice how much she loves her mother! What beautiful writing this was. Every person who has ever embarked on a journey of his own, leaving family behind will relate to this moment. And the beauty to me was that she speaks French through this scene, a language I don’t know at all…not even bits, and I still grasp in entirety what she is going through.

It is amazing how language is important but in the absence of its understanding, body language is enough!


Do you like theatre? have you watched international films or plays and wondered how language sometimes isn’t important at all?


8 thoughts on “Lost in Translation”

    1. Hello there, thanks for stopping by. I wasn’t into watching theatre for many years myself but once I saw one, I realized how powerful it is! No visual medium can come quite as close to the power of theatre in my opinion. If you haven’t explored plays yet, you must do it soon 🙂

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  1. I am not a huge fan of treatre but I do love international films or shows. Fortunately my favorite apart from the American film industry is the Spanish film industry, which has a slightly different accent and enunciate words different from the spanish I speak, but I love it. Also, my favorite tv shows happen to be from Spain and one from Germany, so I’d say sometimes a quality product breaks language barriers. 🙂

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