A Beautiful Date under the Bright Sun

Having grown up in a city where the only semblance of a water body is a river, the sea is still an enigma to me. It’s new…if you know what I mean. I suppose today I am running out of words indeed, in trying to describe all that I feel when I look at the sea.

For the first time in the 25 years that have been my life, I live in a coastal city. For the first time I can get a bus and go to the beach…to stare at the ocean. For the first time I can hear the effort of the waves that relentlessly try to hug the shore. For the first time I can breathe the salt in…

I was at the coast at North Berwick, standing where land met the ocean. And I looked down at my feet. The waves weren’t like soldiers in a battle, they weren’t the anger of God, they didn’t sound like the rumbling of an avalanche. These were gentle…

These were waves that seemed to float themselves on the ocean’s bosom

They were cradled and protected from the terrors of the world

These were the ocean’s unyielding attempts at holding hands and trotting away into the fading lights with the shores.

These were the most delicate folds of the beautiful blues that the ocean draped.

These were the most precious of the ocean’s secrets…

And the ocean didn’t hurl them at me. Instead…it leaped at me with love. It urged me to sit down. It invited me for a beautiful date under the bright sun. It whispered to me its woes and its glorious tales…and I sat there listening!



I have heard and read many many times of…

the deep ocean of secrets,

the vast ocean on which we sail,

and so on and so forth…

But nobody ever warned me about how lovingly it is going to embrace me. Nobody warned me about how its embrace is going to consume me. And certainly nobody warned me about how empty I was going to feel right after this first encounter.

At first I wondered why. And then I realized nobody could have. It whispered to me, the ocean. It said it consumes the part of you that stares fearlessly into its eyes. And once consumed, it never returns it. For it unblushingly bares its soul to you every time you look at it and it is scared of being vulnerable to your assailable ways. And it whispered further, that it loves you with such passion that it is scared you might never visit it again…And that’s what it whispered into my ears…


34 thoughts on “A Beautiful Date under the Bright Sun”

      1. It’s so relaxing! And takes away all the stress!! The sea breeze, waves
        touching your feet, sand melting underneath your weight, the music of water, the unending view….pure bliss!!

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  1. This is really powerful! I’m going to save it for rereading. I live far away from three big waters–Atlantic, Pacific,and Gulf of Mexico–so I can only dream , or look at pictures, or read things like this. I like reading best. It conveys soul. It transforms images into human experiences. Keep writing!

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    1. Thank you Albert. Your comments are always so encouraging. I am so glad that you might want to reread this post.
      I have lived all my life on inlands. So the sea is a pleasant change and a beautiful one at that πŸ™‚


    1. Hello there, lovely to meet you. Thank you for stopping by my page and for leaving a word. And I would love to see what you have been upto on your site. Heading there straight away! Have a good day ahead.

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  2. Absolutely. As a seafarer it’s been my home for the past few years and I still can’t get enough of it. Your description certainly evokes that sense of belongingness to the sea, yet touches the soul in a subtle way.

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    1. Ah she’s lovely indeed. She’s inviting and all accepting. If only she was a bit warmer in this part of the world I’d plunge into her bosom and want to be held there forever πŸ™‚

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  3. To some peace may come by partying heard but that may be shortlived but the peace you get by sitting alone looking at the vast beautiful expanse in front of you is absolutely magnificent.
    Like you said it, “And the ocean didn’t hurl them at me. Instead…it leaped at me with love. It urged me to sit down. It invited me for a beautiful date under the bright sun. It whispered to me its woes and its glorious tales…and I sat there listening!”

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