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7 Little Kids on Melissa’s Farm

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. – Charles Swindoll

It is 10:40 PM here and I just finished reading Melissa’s account of the kidding of their goats. (Melissa writes about her farm life and is one of my most favourite bloggers. I did introduce her to all of you on our last stroll but in case you missed it, click on her name above to read about her life.)

Kim and Melissa had 7 beautiful kids from their 3 pregnant goats – Mama, Lucy and Ethel. And she writes a detailed account of the experience here. Here’s a bit of their story I want to share with you.

Mama was struggling to push out 2 of her 3 babies. And Kim had to explore Mama only to find these two kids stuck in the birth canal and managed to pull them out eventually. After all the time they spent struggling in the birth canal, Kim and Melissa perhaps worried about the worst. But they came out alive. It took them a few moments to “perk up but they did!!!”

What a surreal feeling that must have been – to struggle to step into this world and be helped by someone from a different species altogether, to finally cough out the trauma and celebrate life, to watch a kid drawing it’s first fresh breath of air, to be able to help a life survive….!!!

There could have been so many alternate realities…the kids could have died, Mama could have given up on her efforts completely, Kim and Melissa could have waited far too long to do anything, they could have accepted that Mama had just one buck to deliver…too many realities could have been true. But they pulled up their socks and decided to take charge just when they should have. And boy did they do a good job!

I am so looking forward to reading about the silly little kids and their funny stories 🙂


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    1. Oh thank you for stopping by Melissa! It’s wonderful to have you visit and I’ve been extremely excited about the kids as well..it’s amazing how this virtual world can bring​people so close 🙂

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