Tiny Tales

Tiny Tale (8)

Chintan Ruparel and Anuj Gosalia started this venture called Terribly Tiny Tales. They say they capitalized on the short internet attention spans, which I realize is a real thing. And it is their idea that I developed into my own blog category of Tiny Tales. To know more about their journey, click here. Or else, feel free to ignore this and scroll away to see what my tiny tale is today…nobody’s judging 🙂


She never revealed her muse. With every strike of chisel on marble, she carefully sculpted the man she wished she was.

If she couldn’t be that man while she lived, she would leave just him behind for posterity.


I believe in gender equality…also in equality for all genders! Leave your comments and thoughts below. And reblog this post to support the idea of equality!


6 thoughts on “Tiny Tale (8)”

  1. Oooh. Reminiscent of gender equality right there. Sometimes because of their circumstances, women can’t do nothing but be silent and keep doing what they do. I love how you painted the woman as someone who is so strong and skilled. She must long to do other things or achieve much more with her skills… Hopefully one day, the world will provide opportunities for all 🙂

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    1. Hi Mabel, Thanks for stopping by as always and encouraging this space. I have to admit that writing this one was particularly tricky for me because I wanted two things to come out very explicitly – one, that the woman is a strong person and is exceptionally talented and two, that she is still oppressed by the society to conform to the body she is born with. I wrote and rewrote this one several times until I could address this to some degree but I am still not completely happy with the final tale. But it was worth publishing nevertheless. 🙂

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      1. Ah, I missed the part about the body – that we are born in the body we are in. Such a detailed and careful write. And in so few words too. You could put all the Tiny Tales in a book 🙂

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      2. Ah thank you Mabel for appreciating this so much. It will be incredible if I could really compile all this into a book 🙂 I should really give it thought. But for now I am happy putting them up here!

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