I was on the bus so I didn’t have much time to see this, register it and absorb it’s beauty. But after a few minutes or possibly a couple of hours the beauty sank in and now I am smiling at the beautiful gesture.

The bus pulled to a halt near a Tesco. There was a homeless guy sitting right outside, smoking a cigarette. Nothing unusual. He looked stern, frowned at everyone that passed by him.

There were too many people on the bus and many of these were getting off and some were getting on board. There was a commotion near where the driver sat. A woman was saying something like – “That’s unfair!” I am not a fan of commotions or any kind of unrest. I ignored and increased the volume of the music playing into my ears. The commotion cleared a bit in a few seconds as the driver got out of his cabin and said “That’s enough, I take the final call here.” The bus journey continued without any more issues.

As I was getting off, I heard the two people in front of me saying…”This boy got off the bus at the previous stop to give a sandwich to the homeless guy and go back on board and the woman was unhappy that he used the same ticket to continue his journey. She demanded that the driver charge him again while the boy said many times over that he doesn’t have the money to pay for another ticket.” I couldn’t help but ask – “So what happened finally?”

“He’s right behind you.” she said and smiled at me. I turned around. The boy was all of 10-12 years old…

His random act of kindness to a stranger at a bus stop brought a smile to my face and to the faces of many others. We all often talk and write about the ‘world we live in today…’ but when I see things like these, I feel that it isn’t all bad afterall.


17 thoughts on “Sandwich”

  1. What a lovely story, Aishwarya. Such a kind boy. That homeless man could be one who uses coins thrown his way to get high or do something along those lines. But the boy chose to see the best in him. That is kindness from the heart right there, and very nice to see he was let on the bus again. So selfless and we can all be a more like him πŸ™‚

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    1. I really enjoy bus rides because I get to see so many amazing characters around. The kindness this boy showed that day was a heart warming feeling for me and I am glad I witnessed it and took account of it too.
      Have a lovely day Mabel πŸ™‚


  2. That’s a lovely child there and that lady making the ruckus on why he should get back on with the same ticket ought to be ashamed of herself. We must never forget that not all homeless people are junkies. Some are victims of life’s harsh circumstances and every little act of kindness makes a world of difference.

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    1. I completely agree with you Jackie! πŸ™‚ It’s amazing that the little kid had so much kindness in him and equally unfortunate that the lady lost one of the most basic virtues of life!


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