Just a minute to squeeze this in...

Breaking the Routine

Normally at this hour I’d be in some yogic posture, holding my breath and trying to focus on every muscle that worked to make the posture possible. I’d be trying to ignore the bug that accidentally flew into my room through the open windows and is struggling to find it’s way out. I’d be focusing on the Om chants that play on my phone, trying to regulate my breath in sync with it. But not today…

My senses are preoccupied with other things –

The aroma of peppermint tea relaxes me. And it tastes just right for a fresh morning like this.

My long tresses are dancing to the tunes of the gentle breeze coming in through my open windows, and this certainly is rare in a place as cold as Edinburgh.

The phone rests on the bed and my playlist goes on in the shuffle mode, surprising me with songs that I love but haven’t heard in ages! And as I type this out, Leonard Cohen sings my absolute favourite – ‘Hallelujah!’

I watch the shadow of seagulls on a building opposite mine. I can’t see them but I feel their freedom. I feel their spirits as they glide through the winds. I see children walking along to go to school. I see people walking briskly, glancing at their watches from time to time. I watch the clouds pass by. I see people walking their dogs.

And the only sound I hear is of the music and my fingers typing away…

Everyone needs a break from their routines from time to time. It’s been a good start to the day and now I am perhaps ready to take on some work πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “Breaking the Routine”

    1. Thank you my dear!
      I have been extremely busy with several deadlines and conferences the past three weeks but with many things taken care of, I have many interesting stories to tell πŸ™‚
      Do visit this space soon! And I hope you are doing well.

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