Tiny Tales

Tiny Tale (10)

Bicycle Bell

Found this as a prompt on Virginia’s site (click here to read her blog) and I had to write this tale.

Bicycle Bell

“His letter has arrived!”

Many years ago the bicycle bell would have meant this.


Have you ever waited for letters from someone? Have you ever waited for the postman to deliver it to you?



14 thoughts on “Tiny Tale (10)”

  1. A tiny tale that takes us down memory lane 🙂 As a kid, the bicycle bell meant the ice-cream man was just around the corner – and it if was a hot afternoon in Malaysia, my mum would flag it down and get ice-cream for me and my brother 😀 A long time ago I had friends whom I sent letters to, and each time I had to wait about a week or two before the letters arrived. How times have changed.

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    1. That sounds so wonderful!!! Ice cream is definitely one of man’s best inventions… Fire, wheel and ice cream – what would the world do without those 😉
      So glad the tale evoked memories…
      Lots of love to you!

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  2. Certainly I would wait at the door step itself for my dad’s letters. I was overjoyed to receive his letters and read the content twice or thrice and feel as if I talk to him personally. It was way back in 1990 when I got married and there was no land line phone even, forget about the internet, mobile phones etc. Now, there is no cycle bells ringing……

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    1. It’s really unfortunate that letter writers are a dying breed! I am almost ashamed to accept that I don’t write as many letters anymore myself. But I do write emails to close friends and I cherish the process of sending and receiving emails too!
      And many thanks for your compliments on my blog. So glad to bump into you over this space! I will head over soon to see what your page is all about 🙂

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