An ode to Kumbakonam

Why this new series of articles?

I am from a small town, rather merely a glorified village, in the south of India called Kumbakonam (click here to look the place up on the map). The closest city to this place is perhaps a city called Thanjavur, the erstwhile capital of Chola dynasty.

My father grew up in Kumbakonam. Of course, it was a very different place then. It was a little village full of temples and a few schools and the glorious Kumbakonam Arts college, where he pursued his undergraduation. 

I have been to this village many many times over the past decade mostly. The usual things to do would be to meet my dad’s friends, go to temples (there are plenty!!!) and eat good food and have a relaxing vacation. However, this time around when I visited this place I saw it in new light. We visited the same old places but many different things stood out. And as I talked more or read more about the place, I was drawn more to its history, culture, art and people, among many other stories and anecdotes from my father.

It caught my attention enough to say I’d write a post on it here and share with all of you my fondest memories right before 2017 came to an end. But then I spent a lot of time reading about this place and different things about this place and the number of things to share seem endless. The only way I can put everything together would be to write a series of posts.

There…!!! Over the next few weeks, I’ll share with you pictures and anecdotes from my 5 day travel to this beautiful little village. Sit back and enjoy this little series!! I plan to write about some customs, traditions, aspects of sociology, the famous temples and also about the famous Arts College!

Do check this space out for more very soon 🙂


PS, Wish you all an amazing 2018!!!


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