If We Were Strolling Together

If we were Strolling Together (14)

Hello there!!! Welcome to the stroll today and I hope you are warm enough. Winter this year isn’t exactly being considerate!! I read somewhere that this is the coldest winter in the last 7/8 years in the UK. I’d like a cup of warm cafe latte for myself. That’ll keep me warm. What would you like for yourself? Should we just walk to that little cafe right around the corner instead?

If we were strolling together… I’d say…

It’s great to catch up with you today. Now that we are warm, let me share all that’s going on with me. Firstly, let me scream and exclaim at the fact that we are already a couple of days into the New Year!!! We are in 2018 already!!! It feels like yesterday that I went to watch the Hogmanay Celebrations in Edinburgh. And now the calendar tells me it’s been a year since that happened!!!

If we were strolling together, I’d tell you that 2017 was a mixed bag of good and bad things. It was a tough year, all put together. But it was a good one. I survived! I guess sometimes that’s the most important thing anyway. And I’d ask you now to sum up your 2017 in one word, if you could.

If we were strolling together, I’d tell you the coffee and scones at Project Coffee (my most favourite cafe in Edinburgh) was a big discovery after all and J will agree with this thought, because he’s my coffee mate now 🙂

I also would tell you that A finally got a fully funded offer for his PhD. Things progressed really fast. Between getting invited for an interview and signing on the dotted line, it took merely 1.5 months – 45 days! Yep!!! But this is one of the best things that happened in 2017!!!! A goes to France now….wheeeee!!! I’m really excited for him.



If we were strolling together…

I’d tell you that I’m taking a break from my usual yoga routine. I guess it’s good to be lineant with yourself once in a while. I am with family now and really enjoying home-cooked food. And so I am taking a break from yoga and stuff, When I get back to Edinburgh I’ll get back to routine. What do you think about that? I’d ask you if you take breaks from your workout too during holidays.

If we were strolling together…I’d tell you how excited I am about the new series of articles I have decided to write about my recent travels to a small village in the south of India called Kumbakonam and I’d hope that you like the articles too.

And If we were strolling together, I’d finally wish you a wonderful start to 2018 and look forward to the next time we meet…



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