Not just a woman..

Woke up to many ‘Happy Women’s Day’ messages from relatives and friends. Sweet. It is International Women’s Day after all. And I take a few minutes now to think about the woman I am and the reason behind it…

I am strong. I am opinionated. I am independent. I am confident. I make my choices. I speak my mind. I live life on my own terms…

Even when I was a little girl, I had the voice of a woman. I wasn’t a fly on the wall. I was a part of every decision made at home. I had strong opinions and my father made sure he heard it.

Today, on International Women’s Day, it is not my mother I have to thank but my father. It is not my mother who taught me to be a woman. She taught me how to dress, she taught me how to conduct myself, she taught me how to greet, she taught me how to cook, she taught me how to be a good human being, she taught me how to love and respect…but it is my father who gave me the strength to be a woman in this world.

When I was little and barely able to count more numbers than my fingers, my father discussed ‘big family decisions’ with me. He sat me down and asked me what he should do. Not that I would have any brilliant ideas that he hadn’t thought of, but he taught me that I must think for myself. And he made sure it was heard and considered.

When it was required, my father even taught me how to dress and carry myself like a woman. Not in the sense that I should be seen as a beautiful one or appreciated, but in the sense that when I walked into a room, they saw a strong, confident person with a mind of her own.

When it came to work and my profession, he asked me to pick what interested me. He gave me wings to fly but with the assurance that if I fall, he will be right there to mend my wounds and see to it that I fly again. When it came to me and my work, he always let me have the last word. Not because he was tired of arguing, but because he knew in his mind, that I know better in some respects.

No, we don’t always agree on things. Yes, I upset him on occasions and he kindly returns the favour on others. But I am always heard…

Thank you, Pa, for always telling me that I have strength beyond measure. Thank you for telling me I am no less than anybody else. Thank you for teaching me that my brain is to be used. Thank you for teaching me that my opinions matter. Thank you for empowering me.

Thank you, Pa, for not just treating me like a woman, but instead, for helping me be the woman I am.


Who is responsible for the kind of woman you are today? Leave your thoughts in the comments…


13 thoughts on “Not just a woman..”

  1. I love this Aishwarya! What a fantastic way to honor both your father and International Women’s Day. For the ones not so fortunate, I wrote my piece. Let’s all be for each other, your father was and is to you 😉

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  2. How wonderful! Your father definitely helped you to see the world as a confident woman from a very early age! Please tell your father I think it is lovely that he is such a great role model! Cher xo

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  3. Excellent post on international women’s day. you have taken this opportunity to thank your father. We’re proud of you. Keep writing.

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