“I’m 15 and I’m home schooled”

Science outreach has always been one of my primary interests. I like talking about current research with the general public in a language that they will understand and I like knowing their thoughts and opinions on science and scientists. All of yesterday and the day before, I was a demonstrator at an Edinburgh International Science Festival event talking to people of all ages about my research and general science at the University. Continue reading ““I’m 15 and I’m home schooled””

TamBrahm vs Not-so-TamBrahm

The TamBrahm Spunk (5)

Hello all you TamBrahms! We haven’t had a post dedicated to our weird sense of humour in a while eh? I hope you have all been good.

(For those of you who have creased foreheads from not understanding a word so far, please click here to read my first post in this category where you will find all the necessary information about TamBrahms!)

Funnily I was watching a Netflix show called The Mortified Guide (to Family) and I paused at about 5 minutes because the guy was reading from his journal and exclaimed how he needs to change his name because nobody can say it right (he was Korean). As a fellow passenger on the same train, I relate with his emotions. Continue reading “The TamBrahm Spunk (5)”

Just a minute to squeeze this in...


Traveling is addictive…to be able to see the world is a dream a lot of us have. And no, we can’t all afford to travel everywhere on luxury cruises but I guess it is up to us to make the most of what we have. I don’t want to just save most of what I earn for the future…I want to spend it on my present and have stories to tell when I’m older. So every opportunity I get, I like to escape the routines of everyday life and go somewhere new…see small things…but see new things. Continue reading “Explore”


Just type away

It’s 1:01 PM here. And it’s pouring outside. It’s the Monday after Easter. I had to be at work but I decided to skip it today. I am lucky to have this flexibility to work when I want to as long as the work gets done! (Before you get all dreamy eyed to live my life instead of yours, let me tell you I had a full day at work yesterday. On Easter Sunday. Yes. An exhausting day at work!!! That’s sort of the price I pay…) Continue reading “Just type away”