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Traveling is addictive…to be able to see the world is a dream a lot of us have. And no, we can’t all afford to travel everywhere on luxury cruises but I guess it is up to us to make the most of what we have. I don’t want to just save most of what I earn for the future…I want to spend it on my present and have stories to tell when I’m older. So every opportunity I get, I like to escape the routines of everyday life and go somewhere new…see small things…but see new things.

Last year by March I had already taken three small (weekend) vacations. But 2018 hasn’t seen much in the name of travels for me. So yesterday evening, I picked up my laptop and opened Google maps. I looked around parts of UK and Europe to see where I would like to go this year…soon-ish. And after considering a LOT of options I finally found that dream destination for this summer.


That’s where I see myself this summer. I will probably fly to Dubrovnik from Edinburgh and then take it from there. I want to spend a week there, enjoying the local food, beers and sights…I want to swim in the Adriatic Sea and walk along the coast…I want to travel along the country’s coastline to explore a few cities and get a nice local experience there…

Here’s the bummer…I have never been to Croatia and don’t know anyone who has…so how do I plan this? Do you have any ideas that could help?

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