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Aaj Jane ki Zid na Karo

This is one of my most favourite songs from an old movie. It is written in a form or Urdu poetry called Nazm. Nazm is a free style of writing poetry, one with no limitations on the size or the metric. It has a central theme and each verse serves to add to the central theme. Often a Nazm is also named according to the theme and the name conveys what the poet is trying to convey through the entire poem.

So this song…this Nazm was written by a Pakistani poet called Fayyaz Hashmi. I have been listening to this a lot lately and I thought I’d put it up here…for those that enjoy Indian music and poetry and those curious to read a different form of poetry, here are a few verses that are closest to my heart! Continue reading “Aaj Jane ki Zid na Karo”

Arz Kiya Hai!

Cuppa Coffee and some Shayeri (2)

Welcome to this space today. If you like Shayeri, I am quite sure you will have a good time reading this one. Don’t be scared that you will be limited by language because I am also putting up translations of these. So whether you understand Urdu/Hindi or you enjoy poetry in English, this post might have something for you. So grab your coffee and put your feet up and get cozy on that couch and then read more. And don’t forget to tell me in the end how you found these. Feel free to add more lines or to translate it into a different language if you think that might help these reach out to more people.  And if you want to read more of these, click here to read my previous post which also has a little about Shayeri as a form of poetry and a couple of links where you can find more about it.  Continue reading “Cuppa Coffee and some Shayeri (2)”

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Cuppa Coffee and some Shayeri?

I don’t know what attracts me to Urdu…but something does. It is a language close to my heart, a language in which I think…a language I deeply admire…for its beauty and charm!

Here are a few of my attempts with Shayeri (scroll to the end to know what that is)! Along with the Shayeri is its translation in English, with some poetic license of course! Eager to know what you think of some Urdu Shayeri!  Continue reading “Cuppa Coffee and some Shayeri?”