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HOurglass 2.0

Each time I think of writing an Hourglass, I feel that it’s unfair to proceed without giving credit to this beautiful person who created the metric. While a lot of us struggle to follow metric, this man created one! Thank you Bushka (click here to read his poetry; (this is currently my favourite poem of his but you should choose yours…read the mini-monos too, I think they are lovely!) Continue reading “HOurglass 2.0”

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Bushka who writes at autumnambles has created a new metre for writing. He calls it the hourglass because it looks like one. It’s an interesting concept indeed. I am handicapped when it comes to writing with rules, as I have admitted several times before. But the hourglass looked so beautiful that I really wanted to try my hand at it. And here is an ‘Hourglass’ that talks about how the ‘Hourglass’ came to be!  Continue reading “Hourglass!!!”