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If We Were Strolling Together (5)

Wow…there’s so much to tell you guys. It feels like forever since we took the last stroll together. or maybe it’s just that I have been busy doing so much that it feel so!

Either ways, welcome to my blog today. I hope you are all had a great week and are looking forward to/already started having a nice weekend. This time zone thing is confusing! While some people are just finishing a hard day at work, others are enjoying a warm cup of coffee on a rainy Saturday morning! Strange, isn’t it? Continue reading “If We Were Strolling Together (5)”

If We Were Strolling Together

If We Were Strolling Together (3)

It’s a very pleasant morning here and I’m quite tired, owing to my recent travels (which have been very fruitful, actually). So instead of my usual yoga, I decide to sit by the window…I decide to take a stroll through the gardens with you!

If we were strolling together, I’d first greet you with a smile and in my head I’d appreciate the fact that you rise early too. At this hour in the morning you don’t usually meet people in the gardens (and that’s both strange and sad). I’d probably comment about how hot it has been the past few days in India and about how some rain might help our cases. And I’d also comment about the fact that late nights and early mornings are turning pleasant, so we might be right in expecting some rains after all. Continue reading “If We Were Strolling Together (3)”