The Hogmanay Series

The Edinburgh Hogmanay (3) – Fireworks and the Countdown

Well, hello! A few days too late to say Happy New Year, eh? But well, a wish is a wish no matter when it is made, isn’t it? This is my last post on the Edinburgh Hogmanay series and I hope you like this last installment as much as you did the other two…or maybe more than the other two! Continue reading “The Edinburgh Hogmanay (3) – Fireworks and the Countdown”

The Hogmanay Series

The Edinburgh Hogmanay Series (2) – Street Parties

Welcome back you! If you have come back to read this one, I suppose I didn’t do too badly with the last post. Cheers to that! If you weren’t able to read the last one but found your way to this one, don’t worry, you haven’t missed much (but you are welcome to read that one- history and traditions – before this if you like). So today, I will take you through the torchlight procession and the street parties. Continue reading “The Edinburgh Hogmanay Series (2) – Street Parties”