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Tiny Tale (11)


They stared at each other fondly for a whole minute, only to be snapped back into reality by the honking of the car behind hers. Continue reading “Tiny Tale (11)”

Tiny Tales

Tiny Tale (8)

Chintan Ruparel and Anuj Gosalia started this venture called Terribly Tiny Tales. They say they capitalized on the short internet attention spans, which I realize is a real thing. And it is their idea that I developed into my own blog category of Tiny Tales. To know more about their journey, click here. Or else, feel free to ignore this and scroll away to see what my tiny tale is today…nobody’s judging 🙂 Continue reading “Tiny Tale (8)”

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Tiny Tale (5)

It has been an extremely busy week here for me. And it has been a terrible one in many ways. But it has been a memorable one too. All that went wrong, all that made me strong – all of it will be remembered and will stay with me forever.

With the posts on the TOI Heritage Walks now over, I have been wondering about what to write. Writing a series is a lot of fun and is on some level easier than writing independent posts. You have something to look forward to, you have something to write about, you have a thread that you can pursue from post to post. But now I am left with an emptiness in my heart and brain! While I was contemplating on the content, this tiny tale took birth and then I knew exactly what I want to write about. Continue reading “Tiny Tale (5)”