TOI Heritage Walk Series

The Heritage Walk Series (5)

Hi all. If you have found me slightly ignorant about this space, blame a bad viral infection! It has taken me a good two weeks to recover from it. Thank God for the ‘Schedule’option, I had the posts coming in more or less regularly here. And now that I have finally recovered (well, almost!), here I am with the last installment in this series. Today, we’ll take a peek into the history and the beauty of Jumma Masjid.  Continue reading “The Heritage Walk Series (5)”

TOI Heritage Walk Series

The Heritage Walk Series (4)

Oh hi! I see you are back for more knowledge on Ahmedabad. If you’ve just joined in the bandwagon, you could either read this post as a fresh one (without reading the others) or you could choose to travel the entire journey of the Heritage Walk with me by clicking on the category and reading the first 3 posts to give you a feel of what these posts are all about. Today, I am here to tell you a bit about Manek Chowk. Let’s dive into the glorious history of this place, shall we? Continue reading “The Heritage Walk Series (4)”

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The Heritage Walk Series (3)

For those of you who have stayed with my Heritage Walk series, welcome again to this space and I hope this post interests you just as much as the earlier ones. This post is definitely the closest to my heart. I enjoyed this bit the most during the walk and now that I get to relieve the experience, nothing like it! Let us talk about Pol and life within it. Continue reading “The Heritage Walk Series (3)”