Just a minute to squeeze this in...

Breaking the Routine

Normally at this hour I’d be in some yogic posture, holding my breath and trying to focus on every muscle that worked to make the posture possible. I’d be trying to ignore the bug that accidentally flew into my room through the open windows and is struggling to find it’s way out. I’d be focusing on the Om chants that play on my phone, trying to regulate my breath in sync with it. But not today… Continue reading “Breaking the Routine”

Tiny Tales

Tiny Tale (8)

Chintan Ruparel and Anuj Gosalia started this venture called Terribly Tiny Tales. They say they capitalized on the short internet attention spans, which I realize is a real thing. And it is their idea that I developed into my own blog category of Tiny Tales. To know more about their journey, click here. Or else, feel free to ignore this and scroll away to see what my tiny tale is today…nobody’s judging 🙂 Continue reading “Tiny Tale (8)”