If We Were Strolling Together

If we were Strolling Together (14)

Hello there!!! Welcome to the stroll today and I hope you are warm enough. Winter this year isn’t exactly being considerate!! I read somewhere that this is the coldest winter in the last 7/8 years in the UK. I’d like a cup of warm cafe latte for myself. That’ll keep me warm. What would you like for yourself? Should we just walk to that little cafe right around the corner instead? Continue reading “If we were Strolling Together (14)”

An ode to Kumbakonam

Why this new series of articles?

I am from a small town, rather merely a glorified village, in the south of India called Kumbakonam (click here to look the place up on the map). The closest city to this place is perhaps a city called Thanjavur, the erstwhile capital of Chola dynasty.

My father grew up in Kumbakonam. Of course, it was a very different place then. It was a little village full of temples and a few schools and the glorious Kumbakonam Arts college, where he pursued his undergraduation.  Continue reading “Why this new series of articles?”

Arz Kiya Hai!

Aaj Jane ki Zid na Karo

This is one of my most favourite songs from an old movie. It is written in a form or Urdu poetry called Nazm. Nazm is a free style of writing poetry, one with no limitations on the size or the metric. It has a central theme and each verse serves to add to the central theme. Often a Nazm is also named according to the theme and the name conveys what the poet is trying to convey through the entire poem.

So this song…this Nazm was written by a Pakistani poet called Fayyaz Hashmi. I have been listening to this a lot lately and I thought I’d put it up here…for those that enjoy Indian music and poetry and those curious to read a different form of poetry, here are a few verses that are closest to my heart! Continue reading “Aaj Jane ki Zid na Karo”

If We Were Strolling Together

If we were Strolling Together (13)

Well, hello there! I hope you haven’t forgotten me altogether.

Ugh! Silly me! If you found me here and decided to join me on this stroll today, you obviously haven’t forgotten me!!!

How can I thank you enough for holding on to my journey? How can I thank you enough for visiting me again in spite of this long break? I suppose explaining the reasons for my absence would be a good start eh? Continue reading “If we were Strolling Together (13)”