If We Were Strolling Together

If we were Strolling Together (12)

Been a while since we caught up with each other eh? Let’s go for a stroll today. Now the weather here is not that great, so how about we go for a stroll along the George Bridge and up to the National Museum? On a grey day like this, the bustle of that little area cheers me up. Continue reading “If we were Strolling Together (12)”



While everyone (well, everyone interested in tennis) has their eyes glued to the television sets watching the spectacular tennis tournament that is The Championships Wimbledon, I get the inspiration for my next article. I am listening to McEnroe’s commentary on the Roger Federer-Grigor Dimitrov match and researching on the scoring system. Most people would wonder why tennis has a scoring system where you go 0-15-30-40-Game instead of perhaps 0-15-30-45-Game. The latter surely sounds more sensible. Continue reading “Love-15-30-40-Game!”

Just a minute to squeeze this in...

Breaking the Routine

Normally at this hour I’d be in some yogic posture, holding my breath and trying to focus on every muscle that worked to make the posture possible. I’d be trying to ignore the bug that accidentally flew into my room through the open windows and is struggling to find it’s way out. I’d be focusing on the Om chants that play on my phone, trying to regulate my breath in sync with it. But not today… Continue reading “Breaking the Routine”