An ode to Kumbakonam

Ramaswamy Kovil, Kumbakonam

On the morning of my third day in Kumbakonam, my dad suggested going to the Ramaswamy temple (kovil, in Tamil). We walked only a few minutes to get there. I could see the gopuram (the monumental tower at the entrance of a temple) from quite some distance. It was beautifully painted in blues, greens, reds and others. The gopuram of a south Indian temple is almost always a sight to marvel. If you would be interested in reading about another beautiful temple very close to Kumbakonam (Brihadeeswara temple in Tanjavur), click Here to read more.

And if you are more interested in what I have to say today, then read on… Continue reading “Ramaswamy Kovil, Kumbakonam”

An ode to Kumbakonam

Glimpses of a great little town

I thought of many ways in which I could write this post…write an article, describe things…

Nope! The only way I could show you things is by showing them to you…here are a few glimpses of a little town in south India… Continue reading “Glimpses of a great little town”

Just a minute to squeeze this in..., The Indian Speaks

The Indian Speaks(6)

A is in Europe!!!!! 😀 Well, when I spoke to him this morning he was in Brussels and then was flying to Strasbourg where he is going to live from now on. So, this is A’s first time ever in Europe and so far he’s done really well. At Brussels, he was at the airport and didn’t have the time or the opportunity to go out much. I asked him to name 5 things that stood out to him as being ‘different’ once you step out of India! And here’s his list. Continue reading “The Indian Speaks(6)”

If We Were Strolling Together

If we were Strolling Together (15)

Can’t believe we’ve been doing this for almost 2 years now. I don’t quite remember when my blogging anniversary would be, but it does feel like almost two years since I started writing here. And that would mean that you guys have been a part of my journey for 2 years too!!!!! Thank you so much for stopping by, reading and commenting on my various posts.  Continue reading “If we were Strolling Together (15)”