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HOurglass 2.0

Each time I think of writing an Hourglass, I feel that it’s unfair to proceed without giving credit to this beautiful person who created the metric. While a lot of us struggle to follow metric, this man created one! Thank you Bushka (click here to read his poetry; (this is currently my favourite poem of his but you should choose yours…read the mini-monos too, I think they are lovely!)


Puddle, Reflecting Emotions so Strong

images,colours, familiarity Abound

Through unspoken words

They shared



Another friend

Flicked stone disrupting

Reflections, satisfying his erupting

Temper, encouraging Dreams Spilling Over!


This time I have stuck to the appropriate metric, I hope! 😉

If you haven’t tried writing and Hourglass yet, give it a shot!

PS: I wrote this one at least 5 times to make it look and sound like an Hourglass. I don’t know how good a job I have done..Why don’t you tell me? 🙂



30 thoughts on “HOurglass 2.0”

    1. Aww thank you Dajena! This comment comes to me like a breath of fresh air. I haven’t been able to log on to the site much these days. But this is the first thing I’m reading today and I feel humbled 🙂

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  1. Excellent, Aish! You certainly mastered the shape of the Hourglass…maintaining a flow of thoughts with vivid imagery….
    If you really want to go the whole way…you will have to get the syllable count right in each line…
    First line……5 syllables
    Second line.4 syllables
    Third line…..3 syllables
    Fourth line…2 syllables
    Fifth line……1 syllable..
    Sixth line…..1 syllable…
    7th….2 syllables
    8th….3 syllables
    9th….4 syllables
    10th..5 syllables..
    This can be quite a challenge..
    Thanks for liking my format…and poetry….I feel honoured….
    Hugs! ❤

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