Just a minute to squeeze this in...


When you work, you could either just do what is expected of you or you could smile a little and make each day a pleasant experience for everyone around you. I will always remember Roy for he is one of the latter. Continue reading “Roy”

Just a minute to squeeze this in...

Breaking the Routine

Normally at this hour I’d be in some yogic posture, holding my breath and trying to focus on every muscle that worked to make the posture possible. I’d be trying to ignore the bug that accidentally flew into my room through the open windows and is struggling to find it’s way out. I’d be focusing on the Om chants that play on my phone, trying to regulate my breath in sync with it. But not today… Continue reading “Breaking the Routine”

Just a minute to squeeze this in...

The Man with a Familiar Face

This other day I got on the bus back home. I was quite late that day and so the crowd in this bus wasn’t the usual crowd I met. The faces were all new to me. I flashed my pass in that machine that beeped, allowing me to enter the bus. I walked past unfamiliar faces…wait! This man….he was talking intently to this Asian girl who sat behind him. He looked familiar. Extremely familiar. I wondered who he was and why he looked so familiar to me. It bothered me that I couldn’t exactly remember who he was…I walked past him and found a seat. But I didn’t stop trying to remember who he was. Continue reading “The Man with a Familiar Face”