Brotherhood of the World Award!

I got nominated for this lovely award by Swapna at The Dreamgirl Writes. She is “…a free-spirited girl who writes what her heart says!” Her blog is a nice space with some poetry and a lot of ‘random thoughts’as she categorises them! Do visit her space for more. Continue reading “Brotherhood of the World Award!”


And yet another Liebster Award :)

liebster award

Thank you Carly (click here to read her journey through a sudden accident of hearing loss) for nominating me for this award. Been a while since I got awards so this does feel special 🙂

To all those who are new to the blogging world and are wondering what this award is for, here-s a tiny explanation I was given by the person that nominated me for this for the first time – It’s an award given by bloggers to fellow bloggers. It’s just a sign of recognition and admiration.

Every time I am nominated for one of these, I feel grateful and this journey feels that much more fulfilling! More importantly, every time I get nominated, I get to share a bit more about myself through answers…read on to know the person behind the posts. Continue reading “And yet another Liebster Award :)”


One Lovely Blog Award!

It’s been a while since Carly who writes at My Hearing Loss Story nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award. In her nomination she says about my blog – “I nominate…. A fantastic storyteller -she writes about her life.” What a lovely way to summarize my blog indeed. Often when I am asked – “What do you write about?” – I struggle to find a way to put together the things on my blog. Since I don’t have a particular theme or rules around which I build my content, I struggle to explain what this site really is. And now I have an explanation. Thanks Carly, you are lovely! 🙂

Carly also says when she nominates, that she doesn’t want anyone to feel compelled to take part in this or accept the award. She really just wants to say that the nominees are amazing. That too is such a lovely lovely gesture indeed. Any while this completely skipped my mind, here I am writing this post for you Carly…

If you haven’t met Carly through her blog yet, please click on the link above to visit her. She writes about her sudden loss of hearing in her left ear and her strength and objective approach towards all of this is admirable. Continue reading “One Lovely Blog Award!”

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The Versatile Blogger Award – Ta Da!

Welcome to my space today. Thank you for clicking whatever link brought you here! It is always lovely to have people over and it is even more amazing to have you over when I have nice things to share. And today is one such day!!!

I have been presented The Versatile Blogger Award by two very wonderful bloggers – Belle Papillon (who writes wonderful stuff – empowering, strong, liberating!) and Adarsha Kharel (who writes straight-from-the-heart poetry that is fresh and honest!). It feels amazing to have received the award twice in a week and this post is long overdue but it’s about time I do the needful! Continue reading “The Versatile Blogger Award – Ta Da!”

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Another Liebster!

This is incredible! I just won another Liebster Award 🙂 Given that this is to welcome new bloggers with love and affection and like Rob (click his name to visit his site, it’s amazing!) calls it, it’s German and translates to something like Dearest Award, I am most happy to accept the award again! Since this is my 4th Liebster, I will only stick to the Q/A (also because I love that section)!

Also it’s a beautiful Sunday morning here…answering the Liebster questions while sipping on some coffee is pure fun! Join in on the ride… Continue reading “Another Liebster!”

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Sunshine Blogger Award!

Another award in my kitty. With a huge smile on my face and a humble bow of gratitude, I accept this one 🙂 Another Koffee with Karan moment 😉 Thank you Spence’s Girl for having thought of me while doing your nominations. Do stop by her blog for interesting posts…perfect for reading when you have some time on hand and are sitting in a quiet corner with a warm cup of coffee/tea! 🙂 Continue reading “Sunshine Blogger Award!”

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Black Cat Blue Sea

Hi all…I have been nominated for the Black Cat Blue Sea Award!

Ah, come on…I can see your curious eyes staring directly into mine…asking me to explain what this means! Don’t you already know it?!

No? Really? I thought you would!!!

Damn it! I don’t know it either. (But I’ll accept it anyways, awards don’t hurt – Grin!)

Shreyans (click name to read his blog) here could tell us more about it. Continue reading “Black Cat Blue Sea”

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The Blogger Recognition Award!

To begin with, I do not understand the meaning of this award! But doesn’t it always feel nice to get one? 😉

Rashmi (click on her name to visit her) nominated me for this one…for that I’m truly grateful! Now the rules of this one are slightly…umm…something! I can’t find the right word, so I should let you choose your adjective when you’ve read them for yourself!

1: Write a post to show your award.
2: Thank the person that nominated you.
3: Briefly describe your journey as a blogger.
4: Give advice to other bloggers.
5: Nominate the deserving ones.

***** Continue reading “The Blogger Recognition Award!”