TamBrahm vs Not-so-TamBrahm

The TamBrahm Spunk (5)

Hello all you TamBrahms! We haven’t had a post dedicated to our weird sense of humour in a while eh? I hope you have all been good.

(For those of you who have creased foreheads from not understanding a word so far, please click here to read my first post in this category where you will find all the necessary information about TamBrahms!)

Funnily I was watching a Netflix show called The Mortified Guide (to Family) and I paused at about 5 minutes because the guy was reading from his journal and exclaimed how he needs to change his name because nobody can say it right (he was Korean). As a fellow passenger on the same train, I relate with his emotions. Continue reading “The TamBrahm Spunk (5)”

TamBrahm vs Not-so-TamBrahm

The TamBrahm Spunk (4)

One of my friends from university recently texted me. She’s TamBrahm too – a proper thayir chadam (curd rice) eating one at that! An Iyengar chamathu kondai who behaved nothing like it in much else but when it came to food, she did indeed behave like one.

If you barely understood anything so far, you need to do some homework on TamBrahms. A good way to know about TamBrahms and their world would be to visit WeAreTamBrahm, who are an exclusive blog on the life and style of this class of people. Alternatively, you could also go to my first post in this category by clicking here and you will be enlightened about this amazing Indian community.

Fair warning: this post will have quite some words in Tamil because come on, that’s what makes these posts funny! So you might have to bear with me…as for my TamBrahm followers, if any, I hope you enjoy the post. Continue reading “The TamBrahm Spunk (4)”

TamBrahm vs Not-so-TamBrahm

The TamBrahm Spunk (3)

If you have just started following this space and don’t know what I am talking about (because the title should have indicated that this is one in a series of posts!) please click here to read the genesis of all of this! Let there be light!!! (wink)

Well….when people talk of TamBrahms and make fun of them…honestly…I don’t mind it at all 😀 After all the TamBrahm ways of life have had me in splits for way too long. But I have to tell you a TamBrahm incident!!! Continue reading “The TamBrahm Spunk (3)”

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The TamBrahm Spunk (2)

My  TamBrahm friend’s sister got married to a Punjabi! If you are a TamBrahm you’ve already phased out into a state of extreme shock.

Because of course, chamathu kondai isn’t technically allowed to choose the person with whom she is going to spend the rest of her life!

If you have no idea of what I am talking about, click here to first absorb the spirit! Continue reading “The TamBrahm Spunk (2)”

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The TamBrahm Spunk (1)!

So this popular page called ‘wearetambrahms’ on some social media attracted my way to the sweet TamBrahm ways of life! And I just discovered that they have a blog here so obviously, I follow them now! The self-deprecating humour and comments on the funny and interesting ways of life in a normal middle-class TamBrahm household is their charm. And you must visit them to know what I am talking about. 😀 Inspired by their stuff, I am now starting a new category here called TamBrahm vs Not-so-TamBrahm…a few snippets from the life of a TamBrahm with a multicultural upbringing (ME, in case you didn’t make the connection)!  Continue reading “The TamBrahm Spunk (1)!”