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Glow-worms and Butterflies

“The fact that the colors in the flower have evolved in order to attract insects to pollinate it is interesting; that means insects can see the colors. That adds a question: does this aesthetic sense we have also exist in lower forms of life?”- Richard P. Feynman

Well, I’ve always thought of biology as a cool subject…the amazing colours of butterflies, the beauty of flowers and the intriguing beauty of glow worms! But all of this was macroscopic. At the microscopic level…it was a little…well, monochromatic!!!  Continue reading “Glow-worms and Butterflies”

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6:00 PM!

“The curse of Life Sciences: We are busy studying life and we don’t even realize when it Passes By!” – Archit (click here to read his blog)

That hour of the day when you are busy wrapping up your work and rushing through the last minute things…signing the required documents, going through some others, and probably planning the next day before you shut down the computers and head out the door, relaxed! Continue reading “6:00 PM!”

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Inner Life of a Cell

Finally more Science!

I was not born a biologist. My interest in biology piqued through my time in college when I was lucky enough to be exposed to several phenomena through lectures and videos. Like many of us, I have been doubtful also about what I really want to do in life and what is it that can keep me engrossed (without ennui, of course) for years to come. One of the first times I felt myself staring at the screen in awe was when I watched the video called ‘Inner Life of a Cell’, a Harvard creation! Instead of the more academic approach, the creators of this video made something cinematic in its feel! And it sealed the deal for me. I knew it was biology that I wanted to seriously pursue.

For everyone who wonders what the inside of a cell looks like, this video has to be your one stop solution! Continue reading “Inner Life of a Cell”