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Tulsi and Citrus

Time = Now

I sit down with a mug of Green Tea (this time it’s Tulsi and Citrus by EcoValley – it’s pretty good, if you feel like trying something new…though I don’t know if you get this wherever you are! I love these lime flavoured teas…the freshness is definitely something for my palette!). I aim to write something here… (I have written and deleted several versions of this article already…I know what I want to write about…or maybe I don’t! Hang on though…it seems I’m getting somewhere with this!). I am thinking about all that I have done today…well, many would say I’ve been extremely unproductive and have done nothing…Let’s see what you have to say by the end of this one.

Time = Couple of hours back

I feel like I need to do something with my hair…the humidity has made it frizzy and has added to the volume (anyone with curly hair will instantly know what a big disaster has hit my life!). All the men who are reading this will never understand the frustration of a curly haired woman, so don’t even try! So…I need to tame my hair down a little. I think about it. I sit in front of the mirror wondering what I can do! Finally, I decide on a side braid. A nice chic way to keep my hair in control and also look pretty (now my mom would roll her eyes and wonder why I need to look good when I’m just sitting at home and not even meeting anyone…but well, isn’t it important to look and feel good all the time? I feel great if I know I’m looking nice :)). I then click a few pictures of myself with the new hairstyle I’ve tried. I’m not too good with hairstyles but I am super good with the 2-minute ones – those are usually the ones I wear because I’m always rushing to work and hair is the last thing that I attend to! So side braid – Check!

I then put YouTube on to watch some random videos…and when a nice cool breeze finds its way into my house and hits me, I get up and make myself the Green Tea!

Time = Four hours back

Hmm…Shower done. The food I ordered has just come in…And my stomach made a tiny noise that only I could hear (Thank God for the that!). I sit with my Paneer (cottage cheese) roll (one of the only things the chef at this hotel manages decently!) and stare at my laptop. I stare at what I’ve got…quite a few I must say! But my heart wants a light-hearted movie with no ‘strong message’ or ‘mind-boggling twists’ or ‘thought-provoking dialogues’! So I put on ‘The Intern’…Oh, have I fallen in love with Robert de Niro all over again? Of course I have!!! Gentlemen…an endangered species!!! But well…at least they have them in movies…I eat in peace.

By the time I’m done with the movie, my plate has dried up (needs to be washed but maybe later!), my hair has swollen up and I look like a mess…need to fix my hair immediately!

Time = Six hours back

Need to bathe…it’s late morning and I hate postponing my bath for that long. But I haven’t had the time to get to it yet! Have I been busy? Oh yes! I have been reading my book…And it’s been a while since I read for hours together. What a lovely morning it has been…You know those pictures people post on their social media sites with the caption ‘Sundays be like…’ – Yeah that! This is what my ‘Sundays be like’ picture would be…me with a Book! But people who really read the book don’t have the time or the need to post a picture, do they? (wink wink!) Mrityunjay is a good book, or so people have told me. Everyone had built up the expectation so much that it backfired on me when I actually picked up the book. Sure, there are several good things about the book – like its construction in terms of the points of view of each of the characters and the elaborate philosophy – but it is a very very poor translation from Marathi (the language in which the book was originally written) and so I’m not loving the read, though I am enjoying the story…does that make sense at all? So if you are planning to buy a hard back from Amazon with the black cover and a red stain on it, DON’T!!!

I realize I have to eat something! So I pick up the phone, order the paneer roll (again!) and read some more. Eventually, I head for a nice long shower…

Time = Eight hours back

The morning is nice and bright. It rained all night and that’s left everything moist but full of life. It’s still drizzling so I can’t go for a jog. I decide to skip yoga too…I don’t want to leave the bedside where I am sitting, looking out the window and smiling. I’ll make up for it tomorrow morning…

It feels like the day when all I want to do is READ! And that’s exactly what I’ll do!






28 thoughts on “Tulsi and Citrus”

  1. Sounds like a perfect day! I had just fixed a cup of Yogi Ginger Tea as I sat down to read this. I’ve fed the indoor and outdoor cats, catched up on some cooking shows as I snuggled with Tipper and Biscotti, walked around the garden takings photos of the flowers that have appeared overnight. A bit earlier, I made cinnamon, raisin, pecan french toast with bacon. Still in my jammies, no immediate plans to hit the shower. I too have the battle of curly hair and humidity so I know that struggle very well!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh not hibiscus… Did try once but didn’t work out too well! 😦 so I’m sticking to shampoo and good conditioner and leave on moisturizers for now! Thanks for stopping by though 🙂 green tea is lovely… Ever tried it with some honey??


  2. Lovely day for you! I’m slowly making myself a masala chai tea on my cold autumn day…no humidity here…and my hair is short….my daughter with long curls shares your pain though!


    1. So wonderful to have you visit my site!!! I’ve looked forward to updates from your end but I can’t read anything in your site because of some kind of settings they say! I hope all is well at your end… Lots of love and more power to you! And the masala Chai is a perfect pick for a cold day 😀


      1. You may have changed the privacy settings by chance? Well I don’t know…I love reading your blog so I’d love to be able to do that 🙂 glad the chai was perfect 🙂

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  3. Hi,

    I came across your blog via Diya’s and figured I’d check it out.

    Love the way this post has been conceptualized and written + I totally get it feels like when you want to do nothing but read. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, thanks for stopping by! So glad you decided to share your time with me here 🙂 ahh…’nothing’ is something we all identify with,don’t we 😉 cheers! Have a fantastic day ahead…


  4. Very interesting way of writing, I enjoyed this a lot. Completely relate to the hair too. Mine isn’t curly, but its naturally fluffy and has random kinks so I usually opt for the quick dos as well!

    Liked by 1 person

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