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Tiny Tale (2)

Welcome to my blog today. I hope you are having a wonderful day so far πŸ™‚ Since you’ve taken the effort to click your way here, I shall treat you to something special today! Also, the immense love and appreciation I received for the Tiny Tale that I posted last week has encouraged me to write more of those. So here I am with more of those few words that will speak volumes about a small, possibly insignificant moment that we often fail to acknowledge…

Rich Dad Poor Dad

First day of school. Poor dad – “I wish I could buy my son a bicycle; he’d like it so much!”. Rich dad texting his wife from the office – “I wish I could walk our son to school everyday; he’d like it so much!”

Will wait to hear from you. Do let me know how you liked the post! πŸ™‚



62 thoughts on “Tiny Tale (2)”

  1. Seriously,what a rich person longs for is already being enjoyed by the poor and vice versa.This is sort of fact of the life,I guess!Sad truth.

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    1. Well yes. This story stemmed out of something I witnessed outside a busy school one morning where kids from all kinds of families walked together. While some got out of cars driven by their drivers, others walked in with their proud parents! That prompted me to write something like this.
      Thanks for pausing here. Have a lovely day!

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    2. That is so true. Sometimes we want what we can’t have. We can’t have it all in this world, and the least we can do is appreciate what we have around us. From this tiny tale, it feels like the two dads love their sons very much – they can send him to school, and while son is at school, dad still thinks about son and wants the best for him. No matter our differences, sometimes we all want the same thing and have so much in common πŸ™‚

      I really liked this short post. It’s very powerful in that love is all around, within each family and it manifests in the smallest of ways ❀

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      1. Thanks for visiting Mabel, And I’m so glad you found it worth your time! ^_^
        Parents are ever loving nd no matter what their school of thought or how differently they think from us or how much they disagree, there is love underneath all those emotions and that’s great!
        Your comment was beautiful! Thanks again for sharing your thoughts ^_^


      2. “there is love underneath all those emotions” I love the way you say it. No matter how much our parents disagree with us, I think they want us to be happy at the end of the day. They give us opportunities so that we may be able to go down different paths and find our own way πŸ™‚

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      3. This is the reality and I somehow feel,money can be one of the major factor for all such acquaintances,I am sure circumstance makes a man what he never wished for,in the process of which some end up satisfied while some willing for something more.:)

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      4. Well I couldn’t agree more. Not everyone of us is satisfied at all times with the same things! But it’s what we do with what we get that matters!
        Thank you for contributing to this discussion. Cheers!

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  2. The teacher stood in the classroom door. The first child swore at her as he arrived. She didn’t get upset, no, she turned into a dragon. The dirt of an unswept hallway became ashes of rude children. Stunned, the child took his seat and cautioned each child as they entered. “Shh, she’s really a dragon. I guess we have to learn this summer.” It was a lovely class for summer school. After all, not everyone had a dragon for a teacher.

    (This is based on my first day of teaching summer school to children who were not going to be advanced because they had failed during the year. It was a rough crowd, but I gave out dragon jewels as incentives and we learned lots.)

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    1. Wow Ann! Your contribution to this page is immense, with your own stories and experiences. I’m very happy to have you read my posts. Cheers and have a wonderful day ahead. ^_^


  3. We can’t have it all..every side has its own perks…the important thing is to respect all sides and be content with yours..another meaningful short tail..aish..

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  4. Your tiny tale is so true! No matter who we are, I believe we all want to love and be loved – to live outside of time and take it all in, relishing each and every moment. Thank you for sharing this tender moment with us!

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    1. Parents are selflessly affectionate… I adore the breed. I adore what simple selfish people become once they turn parents!
      Time…it means the most to me as well!!! Living in the moment currently and letting ‘life’ seep into me…

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      1. Well every relationship comes with some amount of disagreements but that’s warranted!
        I hope that when I become a parent I can be a good one ^_^


  5. I believe we are driven by what we dont have…not what we are or what we do as much as what we long for! And this just shares the message in the most beautiful and tiny way…thanks for this.

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    1. Thank you so much ^_^
      It’s amazing how this tale is bringing out so many different points of view. Some see it as the difference between what is and what isn’t, some see it as a tale of love on both ends of the spectrum…I’m amazed at how one tale can be perceived in so many beautiful ways!


  6. Food for thought. It is similar to the one that says, poor people walk that extra mile to make their bread, rich people do it to burn it. πŸ™‚
    Hope you keep coming with more tiny tales.

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