Just type away

It’s 1:01 PM here. And it’s pouring outside. It’s the Monday after Easter. I had to be at work but I decided to skip it today. I am lucky to have this flexibility to work when I want to as long as the work gets done! (Before you get all dreamy eyed to live my life instead of yours, let me tell you I had a full day at work yesterday. On Easter Sunday. Yes. An exhausting day at work!!! That’s sort of the price I pay…)

Do you wake up on some mornings wishing the day had never dawned? Instead, the darkness prevailed on Earth just for some more time so you could grab some sleep and not worry about the chores that need to be done or the emails you need to reply to? Yep, it was that kind of a beginning for me today…

But the day did dawn. And I woke up to an empty house. I checked my phone and replied to some messages. And before I knew it my mood was spiraling down…into that hollow pit that had no floor…or at least I haven’t found it yet (life hasn’t been that great the past few months and I am still battling some fears, some uncertainties and some feelings…). And then, I snapped myself out of this downward spiral with some music. The Bluetooth speaker in my shower was a great idea!!! I put on some loud music and took a looong shower. I put on my favourite body mist and smelled my wrist…and I smiled. I made my way to the kitchen, made me some coffee (Red Brick from Project Coffee…ground for a French Press!!!), scrambled two eggs and sat down with the food.

I ate while I caught up on the last two episodes of Grace and Frankie and stared at Arthur’s seat. Their escape from the home made me smile…sometimes you have to break the rules you want to break and find your way to happiness. And nobody…absolutely nobody in this world is allowed to dictate how you live your life!

I’ve decided that the rest of the day is going to be a Netflix kind of day…and as I type this, I just had a couple of more thoughts…and they will make themselves heard as I hit the “Add post” button and type away for a while longer.

Sometimes, when the going is tough and there’s not much else to do in this moment to save yourself, I guess you just have to pick that laptop up, open the not-so-often-visited WordPress account you still have and just hit the keyboard with all your ten fingers and just type away…I guess not all posts need to have a ‘meaning’…some are just for You!!!


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